2021 Staircase to the Moon Broome Dates

Broome’s ‘Staircase to the Moon’ is an iconic Kimberley event visible only three nights every month, when the full moon rises across Roebuck Bay’s exposed flood plains to create the illusion of a staircase leading from the beach directly to the full moon. Check out 2021’s Staircase to the Moon dates detailing when you can see this incredible spectacle for yourself, and perhaps combine it with a Kimberley cruise.

The full effect of the staircase is best viewed from either the Mangrove Hotel or the Town Beach, which – not to be confused with Cable Beach – is located in town at the end of Robinson Street. Town Beach’s Staircase Markets operate on ‘staircase nights’ and offer plenty of local colour and vibrancy. Peruse local stalls offering handmade jewellery, crafts, clothing and homewares, before sitting back under the stars to enjoy the sounds of local musicians whilst sampling the tastes of Broome cuisine. If you’re staying out at Cable Beach it will be necessary to head into town to view the spectacle and there’s myriad transport options available.

Staircase Moon Broome dates

​Whether you're taking a beach holiday or planning a Kimberley cruise, it's always worth checking to see if your visit to Broome coincides with the amazing natural phenomenon that is 'Staircase to the Moon'.

2021 Staircase to the Moon Dates (with moonrise time)

Monday 29th @ 6:32 PM
Tuesday 30th @ 7:16 PM
Wednesday 31st @ 8:03 PM

Tuesday 27th @ 5:50 PM
Wednesday 28th @ 6:40 PM
Thursday 29th @ 7:34 PM

Thursday 27th @ 6:13 PM
Friday 28th @ 7:15 PM
Saturday 29th @ 8:19 PM

Friday 25th @ 5:58 PM
Saturday 26th @ 7:03 PM
Sunday 27th @ 8:06 PM

Saturday 24th @ 5:47 PM
Sunday 25th @ 6:49 PM
Monday 26th @ 7:48 PM

Monday 23rd @ 6:30 PM
Tuesday 24th @ 7:24 PM
Wednesday 25th @ 8:15 PM

Tuesday 21st @ 6:06 PM
Wednesday 22nd @ 6:56 PM
Thursday 23rd @ 7:46 PM

Thursday 21st @ 6:29 PM
Friday 22nd @ 7:19 PM
Saturday 23rd @ 8:10 PM

Saturday 20th @ 6:57 PM
Sunday 21st @ 7:49 PM
Monday 22nd @ 8:41 PM

These dates and times have been kindly supplied by Greg Quicke’s Astro Tours. If you’ve got a particular interest in the stars why not join one of Greg’s Astro Tours when you’re in Broome – they’re a lot of fun.

Visibility may vary in strength depending on weather, sunset, moonrise and the tides.

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Staircase Moon Broome dates

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