2023 Staircase to the Moon Dates Broome

There’s no doubt that one of Broome’s most popular natural attractions is the famed Staircase to the Moon, visible only three nights each month when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay, creating an illusion of a staircase from the beach rising directly to the full moon.

On ‘Staircase nights’, locals and travellers alike are drawn to the Roebuck Bay side of town – not to be confused with Cable Beach – to take in all the fun and festivities of the Town Beach Staircase Markets. The markets are full of local colour and vibrancy, with stalls offering homemade jewellery, arts and crafts, homewares and much more. Then, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the sounds of some of Broome’s best musicians while you sample the Tastes of Broome cuisine. 

The full effect of the staircase can be viewed Town Beach, which is located in town at the end of Robinson Street. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be staying at the Mangrove Hotel. you’ll be able to take in the staircase from the hotel’s stylish Bay Club. If you’re staying out at Cable Beach you will need to head into town to experience the staircase.

Check out the 2023 Staircase to the Moon dates below and ask us how you can combine your 2023 Kimberley Cruises with a stay in Broome during Staircase to the Moon.

Staircase Moon Broome dates

2023 Staircase to the Moon Dates (with moonrise time)

Wednesday 8th at 6.50pm

Thursday 9th at 7.23pm

Friday 10th at 7.57pm

Friday 7th at 6.34pm

Saturday 8th at 7.13pm

Sunday 9th at 7.58pm

Saturday 6th at 5.53pm

Sunday 7th at 6.42pm

Monday 8th at 7.37pm

Monday 5th at 6.26pm

Tuesday 6th at 7.31pm

Wednesday 7th at 8.38pm

Tuesday 4th at 6.20pm

Wednesday 5th at 7.29pm

Thursday 6th at 8.35pm

Wednesday 2nd at 6.15pm

Thursday 3rd at 7.21pm

Friday 4th at 8.23pm

Thursday 31st at 6.03pm

Friday 1st at 7.05pm

Saturday 2nd at 8.05pm

Saturday 30th at 6.45pm

Sunday 1st at 7.45pm

Monday 2nd at 8.45pm

Sunday 29th at 6.26pm

Monday 30th at 7.28pm

Tuesday 31st at 8.29pm

These dates and times have been kindly supplied by Greg Quicke’s Astro Tours. If you’ve got a particular interest in the stars why not join one of Greg’s Astro Tours when you’re in Broome – they’re a lot of fun.

Visibility may vary in strength depending on weather, sunset, moonrise and the tides.



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