Kimberley Cruises aboard the rebirthed Reef Prince

Reef Prince Kimberley Cruises

As the Kimberley cruise season gears up, we’re thrilled to advise that we’ve added the stylish Reef Prince to our portfolio of Kimberley small ships, and to share the first photos following the multi-million dollar ‘rebirth’ she has undergone over recent months.

I was talking to Sonia at Reef Prince recently and she ran me through the myriad improvements made to the vessel, which effectively amounted to completely stripping back the interiors and starting again from scratch. It’s simply amazing to see the transformation that has taken place.

The first change we noticed was the incredible revitalisation of the dining and lounge areas. Gone are the drab colours and cafeteria-style seating and flooring, replaced by a spacious, light-filled room with modern furnishings, panoramic views and polished floorings. Have a look at the before (left) and after (right) photos below to see for yourself the dramatic changes that have been made!

Moving on the accommodations, the 18 spacious cabins are divided into four classes. One of the bugbears of the past was that some cabins utilised shared bathrooms, whereas others had private en suites. This has now been rectified, with all cabins featuring a private en suite, and brand new contemporary linens are consistent across the entire ship, rather than the miss-matched decor travellers may have experienced previously.

Reef Prince Kimberley Cruise Itinerary

But the great news is that the new look hasn’t pushed the pricing out of reach for most travellers. Reef Prince still offers some great value Kimberley cruising, those on a restricted-budget can select a Class 4 inside cabin, which is spacious and has its own en suite, but lacks external views. Or, if your budget allows, the ‘top of the range’ State Class offers a very sizeable cabin with panoramic views and a queen-size bed.

There’s also a great Aussie crew on board to attend to your every need, and the comfortable excursion tender ‘Regent’ allows access to even the most hard-to-reach locations along the Kimberley coast. We also love that Reef Prince offers the opportunity to try your hand at landing one of the region’s mighty Barras as well – a thrill for keen fisherman and amateurs alike.

Reef Prince’s 11 day itinerary between Darwin and Broome (and vice versa) takes in all the ‘must see’ icons of the region. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see:

· Jar Island – Gwion Gwion art and Vansittart Bay DC3 crash-site
· King George Falls – These iconic twin falls tower over 80 metres in height
· Hunter River – One of the Kimberley’s most scenic ‘big rivers’
· Montgomery Reef – See the reef appear as the tide ebbs and the marine life of Turtle Gully
· King Cascades – And the beautiful Prince Regent River
· Raft Point – Some of the best Aboriginal rock art galleries in the Kimberley
· Talbot Bay – Ancient geology, mangrove creeks and the spectacular Horizontal Water Falls
· Bigge Island – Another great spot to see rock art, including the famous Bradshaws (Gwion Gwion).
· Silica Beach nestled within the 800 islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, a great location for a safe swim.

2021 Reef Prince Kimberley Cruise Dates

It’s not too late to book your 2021 Kimberley cruise aboard the Reef Prince. There’s still cabins available on most departures, so call our expert team today on 1800 90 20 80 to secure your cabin on one of the following departure dates:

19th March to 29th March
12th April to 22nd April
7th May to 17th May
31st May to 10th June
24th June to 4th July
18th July to 28th July
11th August to 21st August
5th September to 15th September

31st March to 10th April
25th April to 5th May
19th May to 29th May
12th June to 22nd June
6th July to 16th July
30th July to 9th August
24th August to 3rd September
17th September to 27th September

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2022 Reef Prince Earlybird - SAVE 15%

Join the 36-passenger Reef Prince cruising the Kimberley Coast between Darwin and Broome in 2022 and SAVE 15% off normal prices when you book and deposit before 31 October2020. This popular ship always sells fast so book early for the best prices and availability.

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